Creative Art is a program design to help children express themselves, through   invention and creativity using fun and playful methods that encourages and motivates them to think outside the box to bring out their own invention through creating and redesigning. This program also focuses on children with special needs, children from very difficult background who one way or the other have low self-esteem. The creative art program is part of the Ghana education new curriculum for pre-schoolers and the basic level pupil. There is a lack of creative art teachers and there is the desperate need for volunteers to help teach the subject. When school is not in section the project is carried out at the orphanage homes as an after school program.

This is also a great program for volunteers in the creative industry as they will have the opportunity to design and implement recreational and educational activities for the children using constructive materials, paints, clay, drawing, music, dance etc. that will build the cognitive abilities of children. We encourage volunteers to use their skills and interests to develop fun activities.

Though there is a curriculum to follow, volunteers are allow to also teach any creative subject or activity that will be helpful.
Resources are limited so donations from volunteers are greatly appreciated. This is important for those volunteers who are designing activities that might be new and need a lot of materials

This project is available in Accra, Kumasi, central region and most of the other regional capitals in Ghana.

Become A Volunteer

Join our teams of volunteers and make a difference in the lives of these children.


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