Attending to Children With Special Needs/Disability

Children with any kind of disability are marginalised and not consider as “humans” in most part of Ghana. These children are sometimes killed or sacrifice at their early stages in life since they are seen as a curse. There are no major medical interventions or national program that support their medication, education and their growth. Most of these children are “dump” or left at orphanage homes with no traces of their families, only a few have families who seldom pay them visit. Our Children with needs/disability program is to help these children.

Volunteers are therefore urgently needed to help give the students life skills, teach them basic everyday living like dressing up, how to wear their shoes, comb the hair, brush the teeth etc. as well as helping to develop their intelligence quotient (IQ), teach basic drawing, craft, English and teaching them fun games and activities that help them to play and interact with one another.

This program takes place at health facilities, orphanage homes and sometimes individual homes for families who have their special needs children’s locked up at homes to avoid public ridicule.

There is a lack of playing materials at most centres. Volunteers can bring papers, cloths, visual learning aids, disability learning aids, crafts and art supplies according to their abilities. Most importantly you bring a big heart and smile.

Become A Volunteer

Join our teams of volunteers and make a difference in the lives of these children.


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