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Rachel Lesperance

Rachel Lesperance

USA Coordinator
"Hi, I'm Rachel Lesperance. Growing up with an activist mother and an educator father, I was instilled with a deep sense of social responsibility and a passion for education. Early in my career, I ventured into the world of finance as a stock broker, where my interest in financial literacy was born. Driven by a desire to empower the younger generation, I am dedicated to educating youth on how to navigate and participate in financial systems in unique ways that cater to their individual needs. I firmly believe that financial literacy is a crucial life skill that can unlock opportunities and create a more equitable society."

Beyond my work in finance, I aspire to bridge connections between people, ideas, and opportunities across the Atlantic. By fostering collaboration and facilitating dialogue, I aim to create a global network that promotes innovation, growth, and positive change. Join me on this journey as we empower individuals, transform communities, and shape a brighter future together.