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The teaching of French in Ghana is an urgent necessity, as the country is surrounded by French-speaking territories. Consequently, we are in need of volunteers who are able to converse in French to come and help in Ghana’s schools. This does not necessarily require a qualified teacher, any person who is able to communicate fluently in French is suitable to join this program. They will be able to teach, assist the French teachers, play with the kids and help out with their French homework.

Once familiar with the school and its program of study, volunteers in Ghana get the opportunity to teach on their own. It is essential that volunteers are capable of adapting to different situations as they may be asked to do a variety of other tasks. These can include helping students with their homework, organizing fun activities, cleaning the classroom, and aiding teachers with various administrative tasks.

 In addition, volunteers can also participate in extracurricular activities, such as sports and music, which will provide them with a great opportunity to learn more about the locals’ culture. Their involvement in the classroom can be adjusted to fit their abilities and interests.

French people who wish to expand their knowledge of English are encouraged to apply, as this provides them with the chance to gain English proficiency through interactions with both students and teachers.