CG-0910-1651, Krispo-City, Kasoa-Ghana

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The Buduburam refugee camp is a home for Liberians who fled their country during the civil war. The living conditions at the camp are not the best, and most of the people don’t have any meaningful jobs, making it difficult to care for their kids. Some of the kids also have no parents because of the war. A school and a care center have been established at the school to care for these people.

A few schools have been established by individuals to help educate the children. Most of these schools are understaffed since the majority of the children can’t afford to pay for tuition and other requirements, making it difficult to employ qualified teachers as well as get the needed books and stationery.

Volunteers are required to assist with supporting the few educators and administrators who work in educating the pupils. Volunteers assist in teaching subjects which include English, computer science, arithmetic, French, and other global subjects. They also help with physical education activities like sports and aerobics.

Since there is a great need at the camp, volunteers can bring some educational materials, some gently used clothing, school bags, shoes, socks, etc.

Volunteers will actively participate in the feeding programme, assisting in the preparation and distribution of meals to the kids. The main goal is to help less fortunate but bright youngsters in the camp continue in school and help them escape poverty by providing encouragement and inspiration.