Support for Girls Menstrual Health


Support for Girls Menstrual Health

Access to sanitary towels or pad is a major hindrance to girls from difficult backgrounds especially those from orphanages and poor homes. Most of these girls face lot of shame during their menstrual period because they most stain themselves for lack of sanitary towel.

For many African girls, the appearance of menstrual blood is something to look forward to as it is seen as a validation of their femininity and their ability to have children. However, this is not the case for many girls living in rural parts of Ghana, in orphanages or poor homes.

Unable to afford pads, these girls often resort to other, less hygienic means of collecting menstrual period. These include the use of old cloths, paper, exercise books and dried corn on the cob, all of which increase the girls’ risk of reproductive health problems such as frequent UTIs or cervical cancer.Fear of soiling their clothes in front of their male classmates causes many girls to miss school five days a month. It is then very difficult for these girls to catch up, which puts them behind their male peers in academic performance and causes some of them to drop out.As part of SFLIG’s Make Every Life Count mission, the charity distributes pads to girls in orphanages and rural communities at the beginning of each semester so the girls can focus on school, boost their confidence, and catch up on classwork. We therefore solicit donations from individuals or groups as well as volunteers

We have therefore created a PAD BANK ” campaign fundraiser to help us create a sustainable future for girls in Ghana. For 2 Dollar can keep a girl in school for a month you can buy a pack of sanitary towels/pads for a month, and for 7 dollars can help a girl stay in school for a whole semester.

We are there seeking support from benevolent individuals or girls. Also volunteering with us help us to acquire sanitary pad for these girls.

You can start a fundraiser to raise funds on our organizations behalf or you can donate to this link https://gofund.me/f33236f2

Girls from the orphanage
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