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SFLIG Volunteers has noticed that many young mothers are not able to return to school after giving birth due to social stigma. This stigma causes them to be seen as a negative influence on other students, and their families often discourage them from continuing their education. Instead, they are pushed into adulthood and forced to support themselves and their babies, often resulting in homelessness and poverty. SFLIG Volunteers provides counseling and support to these mothers, helping them regain confidence and reintegrate into society through education and vocational training programs that promote independence.

In addition to supporting single mothers, SFLIG Volunteers also provide aid to those with “Special Needs” children. Unfortunately, these children are often considered a burden and are either abandoned or killed by relatives. Fathers and other family members may also abandon them, leaving the mothers with the sole responsibility of caring for them. SFLIG volunteers offer assistance with medications, vocational training, and other resources to help these mothers care for themselves and their children.