Rehabilitation Program

This program seeks to rehabilitate and reintegrate adult psychiatric patients from the age 18 + and enable them to return to their communities safe and sound. The rehabilitation program takes 9 to 18 months and the home has maximum bed capacity of 55. Although the rehabilitation program runs for 9 -18 months, volunteers can apply any length of time, from 2 weeks to two years.

These are patients suffering from a range of psychiatric disorders, including drug addiction, depression, Bi-Polar and Schizophrenia.

This program seeks medical and pre-medical students to work with the resident nurse, administering medication and assisting in the care of the patients.

The home would also like to involve Occupational Therapists to speed the rehabilitation and reintegration process Their valued intervention encourages the development of various skills and interests which can even translate to a remunerative endeavour on their return home.

Art Therapists are urgently needed to run sessions.  As well as guiding and counselling, their presence is invaluable in bringing concern and attention to the patients, many of whom have experienced neglect and persecution in the community, which struggles to provide two meals a day.

Become A Volunteer

Join our teams of volunteers and make a difference in the lives of these children.