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Menstrual Hygiene

Girls in rural areas of Ghana, orphanages, and poor homes often miss five days of school every month because they cannot afford to buy sanitary towels. This is a problem because their menstrual cycle is an important part of confirming their womanhood and ability to have children. In an effort to manage their period, many girls resort to using unhygienic materials such as old clothes, maize cobs, tissue paper, and exercise books which can lead to reproductive health problems such as urinary tract infections and cervical cancer. The fear of getting their clothes dirty deters them from attending school and being productive during this time. This makes it difficult for them to concentrate and keep up with their male counterparts in class, leading to dropouts.

SFLIG Volunteers aim to address this issue by creating a PAD BANK to provide sanitary towels to girls in orphanages and selected communities at the beginning of every semester. This will allow them to stay focused on their studies, build confidence, and compete academically with their male classmates. By doing this, SFLIG Volunteers hope to “Make Every Life Count”. Would you like to support this initiative?