Girls Club facilitator


Girls Club facilitator

There is something uplifting about hearing our teenage girls singing ‘I have decided to be educated, I have decided to be educated, I have decided to be educated…no turning back, no turning back’! This is the song sang during meetings. Singing this song every meeting day confirm their seal and passion to get education no matter the odds that is against them in their homes, families and community.

 Girl’s education within Ghana continues to have many challenges. Over 44% of adolescent females are not attending secondary school. The reasons for these low attendance scores are many – teen pregnancy, inadequate financial support, social stigmas, and lack of educational aspiration – but girls clubs, such as SFLIGvolunteers Club, are an excellent way to mentor and guide teenagers so that they make the right decisions for their future.

Changemakers club addresses challenges faced by girls in relation to their education, reproductive health, self-esteem building and future career path.

Sfligvolunteers are looking for individual”s or group of volunteers as well as organizations willing to empower marginalize teenage girls to build their confidence level and passion to stay in school

These girls go through a lot every day to access education. As an organization our mandate is to have these club in the various orphanages, deprive schools and communities where girls go through lot of inferiority complex.

We look for volunteers who are also passionate about girls to help us facilitate and run programs for these clubs. Facilitators will work in schools and orphanages where we have the clubs as assistant teaching and counselling advisors. This is to help the girls express themselves during studies, how to express themselves among their peers, and how to act in the lady like manner.

Volunteers are free to develop their own working plan to achieve the purpose of empowering the girls.

Interested and want to take up this opportunity, email us on info@sflig.org or whatsapp on+233559186434            

Club session with Laura


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