Volunteer must be at least 16years old on the program start date.

At least basic English to help you communicate.

Volunteering in the orphanage, childcare don’t necessary need any education only a heart to love and help, the other placements will need a minimum of a high school level

We are a Not for profit grass root organization that works directly with the vulnerable in Ghana and don’t have enough funds to support volunteers stay in Ghana.

Our placements are available in Accra, Kumasi and Central region and we have affiliate project partners in all the 16 regions of Ghana. All these locations are safe, secure and friendly to foreigners. Volunteers have the opportunity to choose any of the location and volunteers on long stay of more than a month can do the placement in different locations.

Accra is the capital and seat of government, it has a lot of beaches and lot of shopping mall stock with a lot of foreign products. Kumasi is the second capital and the garden city of Ghana. It has a lot of historic centres and the biggest open outdoor market in West Africa. Cape coast has beaches and also the historic centre for slave trade

There is a lack of playing, learning, working materials and resources in almost all our placement centres. Volunteers can bring materials like paints, pencils and pencil colours, crayon, drawing papers, toys, medical supplies like first aid box, used cloth and shoes, sanitary towels, deodorants etc. Some of these materials can also be found in the local market for ready purchase. Most importantly you bring a big heart and smile.

Volunteers work closely with other staff and report to the administrator at the placement. Volunteers are also paired with other volunteers if any to work on similar projects.

Our staffs are available to you 24/7 to give any necessary support. We will assign one staff to take care of your needs.

Our staff will show volunteer how to get to the placement, the direction to take, the particular vehicle and the amount to pay for the transportation etc. This is repeated until the volunteer can make his/her way to the placement and back to the accommodation.

Volunteers are likely to work for 8 hours with flexibility.  A typical day goes like this:

7:00am Breakfast

7:30am walk or a ride to placement

8:00am Instructions on assignment for the day

8:30am volunteer work begins

12:00am Lunch/Snack break/Rest

1:00pm volunteer work resume

4:30pm Closing (Volunteers have the option to continue base on the need)

6:00pm Dinner (time can varies)

Evenings Time to socialize with host family to know the culture, traditions etc.

Volunteers have the weekend to explore the 16 regions of Ghana. Each region has its unique culture and tourist sites. Volunteers are advice to read more about Ghana’s tourist sites to help them have a fair idea of where their interest will be and plan for it before arriving since it involves traveling, hotel stay etc.

We help volunteers to choose tourist sites and give advice on safety check, accommodation and recommend tour guide if the need be.  There is a monkey sanctuary, safari ride, hiking, waterfalls, open street market, museum forts and castles etc. that volunteers can visit.

During the week days, volunteers can go to the shopping and market centres when volunteer duties ends before they have their dinner.

Volunteer’s pay for their own flight, visa and insurance.  Is always best for volunteer s to prepare for any sudden illness/injuries, theft, flight cancellations etc. we advise volunteers sign on to travel insurance if only they can afford since is not mandatory. For travel insurance volunteers can check on worldnomads https://www.worldnomads.com/travel-insurance.

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