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creative art

The Creative Art program is an incredible opportunity for children to explore their creativity in a secure and supportive setting. Our main objective is to help children who may struggle with self-esteem issues or come from challenging backgrounds. This program is a vital component of the Ghana Education curriculum for pre-schoolers and basic-level pupils, and we are in urgent need of more creative art teachers. We are reaching out to volunteers like you to join us in making a real difference. We also collaborate with orphanages to provide after-school activities that keep the children engaged.

If you’re passionate about art, we warmly welcome you to join our program. You will have the chance to design engaging activities using a range of materials such as paints, clay, drawing, music, and dance. These activities will help develop the children’s cognitive abilities. We encourage you to utilize your skills and interests to create exciting and meaningful activities. Although we have a curriculum to follow, we are open to all creative subjects or activities that you believe would be beneficial.

We recognize that resources are scarce, so any donation you can make would be extremely valuable. Even the smallest donation can have a significant impact, particularly when designing activities that require a lot of materials. The program is available in Accra, Kumasi, the central region, and most of the other regional capitals in Ghana. We appreciate you considering becoming a part of our program and helping us make a positive impact on the lives of children.