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Supporting Girls

Support for Girls’ Menstrual Health

Access to sanitary towels or pads is a major hindrance to girls from difficult backgrounds especially those from orphanages and poor homes. Most of these girls face a lot of shame during their menstrual period because they stain themselves for lack of sanitary towels.

For many African girls, the appearance of menstrual blood is something to look forward to as it is seen as a validation of their femininity and their ability to have children. However, this is not the case for many girls living in rural parts of Ghana, in orphanages or poor homes.

Unable to afford pads, these girls often resort to other, less hygienic means of collecting menstrual periods. These include the use of old clothes, paper, exercise books and dried corn on the cob, all of which increase the girls’ risk of reproductive health problems such as frequent UTIs or cervical cancer. Fear of soiling their clothes in front of their male classmates causes many girls to miss school five days a month. It is then very difficult for these girls to catch up, which puts them behind their male peers in academic performance and causes some of them to drop out. As part of SFLIG’s Make Every Life Count mission, the charity distributes pads to girls in orphanages and rural communities at the beginning of each semester so the girls can focus on school, boost their confidence, and catch up on classwork. We therefore solicit donations from individuals or groups as well as volunteers

We have therefore created a PAD BANK ” campaign fundraiser to help us create a sustainable future for girls in Ghana. For 2 Dollars, you can keep a girl in school for a month you can buy a pack of sanitary towels/pads for a month, and for 7 dollars, you can help a girl stay in school for a whole semester.

We are there seeking support from benevolent individuals or girls. Also volunteering with us help us to acquire sanitary pads for these girls.

You can start a fundraiser to raise funds on our organization’s behalf or you can donate to this link

Menstrual Health
Girls from the orphanage
Girls Education

Girls Club Facilitator

There is something uplifting about hearing our teenage girls singing ‘I have decided to be educated, I have decided to be educated, I have decided to be educated…no turning back, no turning back’! This is the song sung during meetings. Singing this song every meeting day confirms their seal and passion to get an education no matter the odds that are against them in their homes, families and community.

Girl’s education within Ghana continues to have many challenges. Over 44% of adolescent females are not attending secondary school. The reasons for these low attendance scores are many – teen pregnancy, inadequate financial support, social stigmas, and lack of educational aspiration – but girls’ clubs, such as SFLIGvolunteers Club, are an excellent way to mentor and guide teenagers so that they make the right decisions for their future.

Changemakers Club addresses challenges faced by girls in relation to their education, reproductive health, self-esteem building and future career path.

Sfligvolunteers are looking for individuals or groups of volunteers as well as organizations willing to empower marginalized teenage girls to build their confidence level and passion to stay in school

These girls go through a lot every day to access education. As an organization, our mandate is to have these clubs in the various orphanages, deprived schools and communities where girls go through a lot of inferiority complexes.

We look for volunteers who are also passionate about girls to help us facilitate and run programs for these clubs. Facilitators will work in schools and orphanages where we have the clubs as assistant teaching and counseling advisors. This is to help the girls express themselves during studies, how to express themselves among their peers, and how to act in the lady like manner.

Volunteers are free to develop their own working plan to achieve the purpose of empowering the girls.

Interested and want to take up this opportunity, email us at or WhatsApp on +233559186434

Supporting Girls Education

Supporting Girls Education

Girls Education

Girls’ education is our passion, do you know joining our volunteer program in Ghana can help a girl get an education?  Can you volunteer as a teacher or teaching assistant in an orphanage school?

“Let us pick up our books and our pens. They are our most powerful weapons. One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world. Education is the only solution.” – Malala Yousafzai.

Sfligvolunteers are passionate about enforcing these powerful words spoken by Malala Yousafzai to the United Nations when she was 16yrs. The reason we have made it our mandate to supply school stationery to girls from orphanage homes and difficult backgrounds.  At the start of every school section, we are faced with not only stationary but tuition fees, uniforms, and school shoes. Having volunteers sign in to volunteer with us is one of our major sources to provide for girls’ education to get them empowered.

Girls’ education is considered secondary to boys’ education. Parents and guidance tend to give priority to the needs of boys when it comes to education, making most girls from poor homes uneducated though education is now free at the basic level

This year we seek to provide school support for not less than 1000 girls from various orphanage homes and poor communities in Ghana. We want to supply these girls with books, pens, pencils, erasers, a maths set, a drawing board, uniform and shoes, sanitary towels, etc to help them stay in school and also compete with their male counterparts.

We are looking for passionate people to sign up for our volunteer and internship programs as well as those with the heart to just donate or support this worthy cause to help us give girls quality education.

To donate or volunteer with us, kindly, check our website or email: