Experiences of a foreign volunteer in Ghana


Africans are known of their hospitality and Ghanaians make no exception to this. Hospitality is the first thing you notice, when you arrive to Ghana. It can be noticed everywhere, especially when you are visiting somebody’s home.


Talking about hospitality easily turns to a discussion about food. I think that Ghanaian food is very good, although sometimes it might be a bit spicy. Be also prepared to eat with your hands, (it’s very simple, when you learn the technique) but usually you can get a spoon or fork if you ask for that. When you have been a couple of weeks in Ghana you notice, that most of the foods are even easier to eat with your hand, for example Fufu, a traditional Ghanaian food, which looks and even tastes pretty much like a smashed potato, although it’s far from it.


During my visit to Ghana I was staying in a family in the city of Kumasi near the place I was working in. The family was very nice and they helped me in everything that I needed help for. The Ghanaians are very friendly and you can expect of getting enough food no matter where your accommodation place is.


I was working at an orphanage, which was located in the village called Apire, at the outskirts of the city of Kumasi. There were about 25 children at the orphanage, aged between 1 and 17. Even since the car carrying me arrived there, I could feel that I’m welcomed. My work included playing with the children, helping with some construction work they were doing there and assisting with everything I could do. For everybody coming to volunteer I can say one advice: forget the things you thought you cannot do, you can learn them there! Just be open-minded and everything goes fine.

The organization staff

Solutions for Life Iniative Ghana doesn’t have much personnel, but they are professionals in the work they are doing. They concentrate to the work and you can feel free to ask them about the things you don’t know, or about the problems you might meet. You can trust that the organization helps you no matter what happens during your trip.


Missing Ghana and the children

Lauri from Finland

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