Ghana is a very special place! The people are generous, hospitable, open-hearted, and helpful. It’s been called the “Gateway to Africa” and I really think that is really true. I had never travelled to any African country before, but now I definitely have the desire to go back to Ghana and also visit other countries, too. Working with the children at the school and the orphanage was a very wonderful experience. In each case, I was really able (after a couple days of getting used to everything) to sink my teeth into the work, and the kids (and staff) were really great! I won’t forget the smiles and warmth from the kids…they were so appreciative of the smallest gestures: holding a hand or giving a hug or making up a silly song or just listening to them. This is my third time volunteering, and I always feel that I receive more than I give. And it holds true here in Ghana as well.

Volunteering in Ghana is an awesome experience. I was able to work in two different areas: teaching in a school and working some in an orphanage. Both were wonderful insights into life in Ghana for some children and the challenges of poverty, and also gratifying and enriching. Warm, generous, and hospitable, Ghanaians make you feel right at home! And the kids are simply the sweetest! In both environments (school & orphanage) I felt I was adding something and was appreciated for my efforts, but I also feel I was given so much! A truly unforgettable experience.


Nationality: AUSTRALIA

Destination: Ghana

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